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Tenant Screening

Protect your rental interests from problem tenants. Learn fact from fiction with credit reports from all major credit bureaus, eviction data, criminal history, ID verification and bankruptcy checks. Eliminate the burden of tedious background research. Rent safely and economically for one unit or multiple units.

Why Should I Screen Future Tenants?

For a successful tenancy, it is important to diligently screen applicants. Past credit problems, financial problems, evictions, fraud and sex offenses not only indicate potential problems, but could leave you responsible in negligent litigation.

  • In 2003, consumers had over 2 trillion in outstanding credit with over 1.3 million filing for bankruptcy. This amount is increasing at a rate of over 4.4% annually.

  • Over 30% of civil litigation involves contract disputes such as evictions

  • Over 13 million arrests are made annually in the United States. These offenses range from fraud to sexual and violent offenses.


What Are the Benefits of Screening?

  • Instantly check application data for position requirements

  • Employment and Education verification

  • Bank and trade line reference verification

  • Driver's License Scan to validate IDs and scan data directly into an application

  • Experian Authentication to detect fraud

  • Determine credit worthiness and overall level of responsibility with credit reports.

  • Diligently check for criminal past with both on-line databases, e.g., RAPSHEET Criminal Report, and court researchers available in every county

  • Check for past eviction history

  • Adhere to laws governing use of credit reports for employment screening with declination letters

It Is All About What You Need!

We can take one or all of these reports and make a package to help you protect your investment.


Credit Reports


Criminal History


Criminal Search


US National Criminal Report


Verify Applicant


Eviction Search


Lexis Nexis Evictions


Manual County Court Search


Drivers License Search


Employment Verification


OFAC Patriot Act Search



What Can We Do For You?

We have the ability to put together a package that is custom tailored to your needs and desires. During the set up process we will have an opportunity to assess what is needed to meet your security and financial needs. We are here to serve you!

Once set up you will have instant access to the information. 

Give us the opportunity to show you how we can take our years of experience in the information industry and put them to work for you.


You can never know enough about those who will be living in your investment.

Learn more about what each of our offered reports entail.

TenantScrenig Credit Report

Tenant Screening Report Online

Skip the hassle of filling out a report by hand, and fill out your application online. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you! If you would rather fill out a report by hand, we offer that as well.

Services: Check All That Apply

Personal Information:

Upload File

Disclaimer: I hereby grant my permission for the USA Credit Bureau to access my credit file and do a background investigation for tenant screening purposes. I agree to hold USA Credit Bureau harmless for anything which may appear on this report. By typing my name below I acknowledge that I am the individual listed and accept the conditions listed above.

Credit Card Form:

By typing my name below I acknowledge that I am a signee on the credit/debit card and give my permission to process the amount listed above as well as accept the 4% credit/debit surcharge.

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